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Cill Dara Animal Compounds manufacture bespoke cages that are designed to protect animals and people as well as providing security for valuable or dangerous equipment.

Whether you are looking to create a barrier for your home heating oil tanks and gas bottles or simply want added peace of mind that your property is secure, we can create cages that fit your exact requirements.

All our units are manufactured to your size specifications and hot dipped galvanised using a heavy duty mesh and box steel. Security cages provide an effective deterrent to vandals and help keep young children away from dangerous areas.

Every cage we manufacture is built to last and to provide effective security

Our Cages Can Be Manufactured To Be Used As

Our Cages Can Be Manufactured To Be Used As

  • Anti-theft measure

  • Cages for gas bottles and oil tanks

  • Pet cage

  • Security for apartments and schools

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you install cages for customers?

    Cill Dara Animal Compounds manufacture modules for clients but installations are the responsibility of the client. Every cage is designed for easy assembly and can be constructed with a spanner as your only tool.

  • Can you create a bespoke pet cage for me?

    Yes. We can manufacture your pet cage to suit your exact requirements. Contact Cill Dara Animal Compounds to discuss your specifications in further detail.

  • I would like to create a cage to keep my gas tanks safe and secure. Can you help?

    We can create cages to your exact requirements in order to keep dangerous or valuable items out of reach. Contact our team today to learn more about bespoke cages.