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Feeders & Accessories

Cill Dara Animal Compounds have a selection of feeders as well as mesh roofing to complement existing dog runs, cat runs, animal enclosures and pet cages.

Adding dog bowls, cat bowls and raised feeding stations will allow clients to keep their pet cages and enclosures as clean as possible while also improving digestion for dogs when raised dog bowls are used.

We also manufacture mesh roof panels that are specifically made to suit the requirements of your existing enclosures and pet cages. By adding a mesh roof you can quickly and simply convert your dog runs and cat runs into fully enclosed spaces.

Find the feeders and bowls you need to keep your dogs and cats healthy

Our selection of animal feeders include

Feeders & Accessories

  • Cat bowls

  • Dog bowl stand

  • Dog bowls

  • Feeder for cats

  • Raised dog bowls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you install mesh roofs for customers?

    Cill Dara Animal Compounds manufacture modules for clients but installations are the responsibility of the client. Every mesh roof is designed for easy assembly and can be constructed with a spanner as your only tool.

  • Are raised dog bowls good for dogs to eat from?

    Raised feeding stations provide a number of benefits. Improved posture can aid digestion while elderly owners who may have trouble bending over can retrieve any bowl with less strain.